How & Why Do Women Lose Hair? 

In women as in men, the most likely cause of scalp hair loss is androgenic alopecia.  Women have small amounts of androgens (male hormones) traveling through their bloodstream.  Women can also have a DHT receptor on scalp hair follicles that causes them to regress and die due to androgen exposure. Androgenic alopecia is much less common in women because females require two genes for baldness and men only need to have one.  Women also have a very different progression and distribution of hair loss than common patterns found in men.  

Female pattern baldness can occur at any age.  Most commonly women notice thinning in the scalp beginning in the fifth decade of life. As opposed to men, women tend to keep a frontal and temporal hairline.  Female pattern baldness tends to affect the vertex of the scalp in an anterior to posterior direction.  Hair recedes from a central region, moving outward.

Women have many other causes of hair loss than androgenic alopecia.  Vitamin levels, iron deficiency, and thyroid hormones are routinely checked for fluctuations that may cause loss of hair in women.  Significant stressful events like pregnancy or illness can cause hair loss in women. Prior to attempting hair transplant for female hair loss in San Diego, it is important that your doctor rule out other common causes.




 Ludwig’s Classification of Female Hair Loss.

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Female Hair Loss Treatment San Diego

For many women, hair loss treatment begins with identifying the cause.  Ruling out medical disorders such as hypothyroidism is important prior to discussing hair transplant procedures.  In cases of female related androgenic alopecia women may be candidates for both medical and procedural treatments.   Minoxidil 2% shampoo is an approved medicine for treatment of female androgenic alopecia.  Finasteride 1 mg and Minoxidil 5% are currently not indicated for women.   Another nonsurgical treatment for female AA is laser light therapy. Depending on the distribution and severity of the hair loss women are frequently candidates for hair transplants. Some of our most common female hair transplant procedures are listed below:   


1) Treatment of female androgenic alopecia:

Both FUT and FUE hair transplant methods are good options for women.  FUT offers a single session of 2,000 – 3,000 grafts to restore the hairline.   Using the FUE method multiple smaller sessions of 600-1,000 grafts are frequently required.  

2) Facelift and browlift scar camouflage:

Many women benefit from small session hair transplants to conceal and hide scarring from facelifts.  If the temple hair or sideburn was disrupted at the time of a facelift, a hair transplant can be used to hide the incisions.

3) Eyebrow transplant:

Another innovative technique allows for restoration or creation of an eyebrow using hair transplant. Plucking or traction injury can cause permanent loss of eyebrow hairs.  Depending on ethnicity or background sometimes eyebrows do not fully develop.  Eyebrows are an important feature for nonverbal communication and also add balance to the face.  Dr. Kolstad offers natural eyebrow transplant in San Diego.  During the procedure, soft hairs from the nape of the neck are borrowed and placed into a sculpted eyebrow. An important consideration of eyebrow transplant is that the hairs will continue to grow in the eyebrow as they would in the back of the head.  Most people will need to trim the eyebrow hair transplant about every two weeks.  Sometimes sculpting of the eyebrow hairs is required in order to get them to lay flat.  

Hair loss can have an adverse impact on the social and personal lives of women. Women tend to lose a big part of their personality as a result of hair loss. During a consultation, Dr. Kolstad can guide you through both nonsurgical as well as hair transplant treatment options.

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