San Diego Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

FUT (follicular unit transfer): refers to the ability to insert hairs one at a time to create a natural appearing hairline.  Previous “hair plugs” would insert groups of 25-50 hairs that appeared like a dolls hair.

FUE (follicular unit extraction): the process of removing hairs one at a time from the donor site.  Previous methods would remove a large strip of hair creating a very unnatural scar in the back of the head.

The Neograft automated FUE/FUT technology represents a leap forward in hair transplant surgery.  Using mechanical assistance follicles are efficiently extracted one at a time allowing larger volume hair transplants than previous FUE methods.

Nonautomated FUE techniques can require multiple sessions to achieve a 2,000 graft hairline.  Using  Neograft in San Diego allows up to a remarkable 3,000 grafts per session.

In both male and female pattern hair loss, the follicles in the back of the scalp are missing the receptor that causes androgenic hair loss. When these follicles are transplanted to a different part of the head they retain their genetic predisposition to last.

Using Neograft FUE/FUT technology there is NOT A LINEAR SCAR at the back of the head.  With any procedure there can be scarring in the skin but most people heal without visible signs at conversational distance.


You may go home after the procedure as long as you have someone to drive you.  Patients typically prefer to use a light oral sedation and cannot operate heavy machinery until the medications have worn off.
A significant advantage of the Neograft FUE/FUT is a reduction in postprocedure discomfort when compared to the strip method. Many patients use Tylenol as their sole pain medication after the procedure.